A pair of handmade shoes is an investment. In order to ensure that every client enjoys a gainful return, we will happily reshape, rebuild and recondition any custom shoe. Unlike European shoemakers, we can re-craft footwear domestically, thereby eliminating the time and expense of over-seas shipping.

Our Bespoke and Custom Measure shoes are designed to age gracefully, and regular care by a qualified craftsman will assure their longevity. Send us your shoes, and we will restore their original luster while maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure.

Perry Ercolino Custom Shoes
Other Bespoke Footwear – starting at
Benchmade Footwear – starting at
$425.00 + shipping
$425.00 + shipping
$225.00 + shipping

Please allow approximately 3 – 4 weeks for return delivery.


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