Ercolino Shoemakers: Custom Order Contract

Here at Ercolino Shoemakers we believe that crafting custom shoes is a commitment for all parties involved. Our commitment to you is to make you quality footwear that is first and foremost, functional. Secondly, based on the agreed upon style, we will do our best to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible; however, please understand that we are sometimes limited by the shape and condition of the feet.

 Many foot problems can be greatly minimized with proper footwear, but there is NO guarantee that the shoes will solve your problems. It is our goal to meet and/or exceed your expectations. Please do your best to let us know what your expectations are and we will do our best to let you know how we think our
footwear and orthotics can help your particular situation. We ask that you express ALL of your concerns and ask any questions you may have prior to us beginning production on your footwear. We are not mind readers and once we have started production on your shoes, it may be too late to make certain changes.

Payment policy:

We require a 50% deposit at the time of initial order. If a payment must be mailed in, we will begin production after we receive the deposit. This deposit is non-refundable once production has been started. If you have a change in the condition of your feet, please notify us right away and we will hold production immediately. If the order must be cancelled due to a medical necessity or a change of heart, any refund will be determined by Ercolino Shoemakers based on the work that has been completed up to that point.

 If the order is cancelled and we have not started the manufacturing process, including making your lasts or ordering special materials, we will refund your deposit, minus $750.00 for the overall evaluation and measurements. The remaining balance will be due at the delivery appointment. If your footwear is being shipped to you, the balance must be paid prior to shipment.

 If there are adjustments that need to be made to the shoes that cause you to be unable to take them home at the initial delivery appointment OR if we are doing a TRIAL FIT, we require another 50% payment on the balance due. We are committed to delivering shoes that fit well and there are times when more than minor adjustments need to be made. Such is the nature of custom shoes.

 Follow up/Adjustments (AFTER DELIVERY): If there are any issues in regards to fit, please notify us right away and we will make any necessary adjustments that pertain to the fit/function of the shoes at our expense. If you are unable to drive to our facility for adjustments, we do not reimburse for shipping costs, just as we would not reimburse gas costs for our local customers. Adjustments can be made up 3 months after delivery of the footwear. Adjustments made after 3 months from the date of delivery are charged to the client at $95.00 per appointment. Any adjustments needed post-production due to foot changes or other reasons not discussed prior to manufacturing the shoes will be charged to the client.

There are NO refunds on custom-made products, no exceptions.

Thank you for your order and we look forward to making you shoes that you will enjoy for many years to come.