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“Perry Ercolino is one of the few shoemakers capable of crafting what is called a whole cut shoe – one produced from a single piece of leather cut into the shape of a shoe and stitched together with a single seam at the heel. Ercolino’s collection, made by hand in Pennsylvania and sold through custom tailor Franco Ercolé in New York, includes oxfords and wingtips with antique-looking finishes.
“Bespoke Apparel” Robb Report – Special Issue, June 2007

“Even the priciest designer shoes do not come close to the quality of custom makers…Hand-made shoes get better and better with time.”
“Custom Made Shoes” Ritz-Carlton Magazine – Holiday Issue, October 2004

“Guide to Custom Clothing” by Pam Lazor – Bucks Magazine, September 2004

“Ercolino hand makes individual shoes to fit the individual measurements of individual feet…The customer can choose any material in existence, dyed any color of the rainbow and made in any style he can imagine… Ercolino explains, “I work with one goal in mind: to make the best shoes in the world.”
“A Shoemaker’s Art” by Andrew Smith – Trenton Times Business Section, September 5, 2004

“Be a Well Grounded Guy” – Shop Talk – Mens Health & Fashion Issue, April 2002

“The hands-on art of shoemaking is Ercolino’s uppermost passion.”
“The Perfect Pair” by Bruce Blackburn III – Nouveau Magazine, June 2001

“I slid my feet over the horn and into the wing tips, laced up, stood, and smiled as if I were beginning to levitate. They didn’t feel like shoes; they felt like my feet! I walked outside to test them on the sidewalk and began to laugh at myself…”They feel so good,” I said when I returned a moment later. “I’m scared to walk in them.””
“The Perfect Shoes” by Cal Fusman – Esquire, September 2000

“There are two sorts of pleasures in the world: the shared and the secret…The ultimate [secret pleasure] is the custom shoe. No other item…rivals the sheer intimacy of a shoe made just for you.”
“Indulgences: Best Foot Forward” by Matt Kramer – Cigar Aficionado, Spring 1999

“Sole Mates” – Rewards by Suzanne Costas – Bloomsberg Personal, Spring 1997

“In the end, after the initiation of measurements, the ceremony of selection and the ritual of fittings, you will have a pair of shoes made by an artist. The fit will be a poem, and your feet will somehow look smaller, more elegant.”
“Stepping Out: Custom-Made Shoes Pamper your Feet in Style” by G. Bruce Boyer – Cigar Aficionadao, Fall 1995

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