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World’s Finest Leathers


The soul of a handmade shoe is fine leather. For over one hundred years, the Joh. Rendenbach Jr. Tannery in Tier, Germany, has produced the best leather in the world using the ancient method of “pit tanning.” The hides are submerged in pits filled with water, oak bark and berries for eighteen months. The result is flawless leather with great wicking, flexibility and longevity. Rendenbach’s superior leathers bear the triangle stamp of the Ancient Tanners Association, and we proudly build the infrastructure of all our custom shoes from these exceptional hides.

My clients select upper materials from a wide selection of premium aniline leathers finished at the finest European facilities: Tanneries du PayTannerie d’Annonay from France, and Ilcea and Bonaudo from Italy. Some customers choose French baby calf for its durability and strength. Others opt for the suppleness and flexibility of an Italian calf. Still others prefer the prestige of an exotic skin: ostrich, American alligator, crocodile or lizard. Whatever your taste, my extensive catalogue offers a fine leather that will satisfy your palette.


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