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Bespoke Shoes

From Vision to Reality

A pair of bespoke shoes begins with a vision. I meet personally with every client to take measurements and imprints of the feet, draft a design and select materials. Once the concept for the shoe is determined, I send the measurements to England where a skilled artisan translates this information into a pair of hand-carved “lasts.” The last is the three-dimensional wooden model of the foot around which the shoe is built. The last determines the shoe’s fit, and a custom-cut last ensures a custom-fitting shoe. The last also gives the shoe its shape; thus an elegant last is an essential element of an elegant shoe.

Upon receipt of the last, the construction process begins in earnest. To make a pair of shoes by hand is an arduous process that requires over sixty hours of meticulous labor. The pattern must be drafted and perfected. The uppers must be cut and fashioned to the lasts. The infrastructure must be constructed, and the welts must be hand-sewn to the insole. My bespoke shoes are constructed entirely of leather and provide the foot unparalleled support; the result is strong, structurally sound footwear.

Before the shoe is soled, I meet again with the client. This additional fitting allows me to make whatever small revisions are necessary to achieve a flawless fit. The shoe is then soled and exquisitely finished with hand-painted London waists and natural waxes. When every detail is perfected, I will personally deliver or ship the finished shoes, along with custom trees and flannel bags, to the customer.

Bespoke shoes also available in Alligator.
Saltwater Crocodile, the rarest of all exotics, available upon request.

Pricing for bespoke shoes is all-inclusive. Please allow approximately sixteen weeks for the delivery of your first pair of bespoke shoes. Subsequent pairs will be handmade and delivered in approximately 12 weeks.

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