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Shoe Care Products

a522a6005d1cb428ea34ef1769cd7452_SOur bespoke shoes are designed to pamper you. Shoe care products by La Cordonnerie Anglaise are designed to pamper your shoes.

We proudly carry an assortment of fine conditioners, polishes and creams. We offer brushes, applicators and shine kits. When used regularly and correctly, these products will preserve a shoe’s luster and protect the natural integrity of the leather.

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Evening Slippers & Shoes

eb6c7c01c4e98e1f2578f9959463b973_SEnhance Your Collection

We offer beautiful slippers in suede or velvet. Embroidered monograms and crests are available. Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery

Custom Belts

Information about custom-made belts is available upon request.

Beechwood Shine Box


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